Summer Evening by Edward Hopper in VR

People in the streets of the cities and in the fields of the suburbs, in the midday sun of a summer’s day, people in the subway, in the hotel and at the window, people who at night hope to find in bars or theaters what they are missing. As in many works by Edward Hopper, Summer Evening also means to recognize the so often portrayed isolation and isolation of modern man, who is also able to feel loneliness in society. In the virtual reality experience SummerEveningVR, the observer becomes the visitor of a stilled moment, the secret observer of a conversation between two people under the black sky of a balmy summer night. The intimate intimacy and otherworldly atmosphere of the scenery make VR a truly engaging experience.

Production Director: Julian Hölgert

Creative Director: Carolin Wedler

Technical Director: Michael Gödde

Generalist: Linus Steffens

Environment Type: Selina Hotz

Character Art: Alicia Elejalde glasses

Audio concept and realization: Andreas Hammann