Who is TimeLeapVR?


Julian Hölgert | CEO & Business Development TimeLeapVR

Julian Hölgert

Business Development

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Julian Hölgert studied International Communication and Creative Industries in the Netherlands, Peru and Germany and supervised projects for companies such as Walt Disney, Villeroy & Boch and Lufthansa. The award-winning multi-founder and public speaker specialized in the combination of Virtual Reality, marketing and business development. He supports public institutions and private companies not only in the direction of their planned Virtual Reality and 360 ° strategies, but also in the creation of innovative and targeted content. At TimeLeapVR, Julian welcomes everyone who is interested in our work and introduces them to the world of immersive media.

Michael Gödde

Technical Direction

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Michael Gödde studied digital media/film in Darmstadt and produces videos and VFX for more than 8 years. Since 2012, he works as an independent director and DOP for different commercials. 3 years ago, he began to focus on Virtual and Augmented Reality, especially on storytelling in Virtual Reality. 2017, he developed guidelines for cinematic narration in VR which were presented at the HCI International 2018. While working for the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research he grew familiar with the possibilities of deep learning in the recreation of artistic styles. At TimeLeapVR, Michael is now utilizing those insights for the digital recreation of art.

Carolin Wedler

Creative Direction

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Carolin Wedler studied literature and media in Germany and the USA. After academically specializing in game, film, peace and conflict studies as well as working in journalism and public relations, she now utilizes her knowledge interdisciplinarily for digital projects of cultural and societal relevance. She is particularly interested in the creative implementation of serious topics in virtual game worlds and their effect on the players. At TimeLeapVR, Carolin supervises research as well as narrative design in order to tell little educational stories in the great works of art.


Our VRtists

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Das interdisziplinäre Team von TimeLeapVR setzt sich zusammen aus Environment- und Character Artists, Sound Designern und professionellen Sprechern, sowie Wissenschaftlern mit medialem und kunsthistorischen Hintergrund.



The DelightfulGardenVR Team

Concept, Narrative Design, Dialogues: Carolin Wedler

Creative Direction: Carolin Wedler

Technical Direction: Michael Gödde

Generalist: Linus Steffens

Environment Art: Felix Voigt, Selina Hotz, Mareike Reh

Character Art: Hoang Vu Nguyen, Alicia Elejalde Gläser

Interactions: Max Heupel

Audio Concept and Realization: Andreas Hammann

Sounddesign: Alexej Wieber, Felix Babel

Frogman: Mike Body

Fishman: Lloyd Le-Mar

Blueberryman: Ryan Laughton

Boatmen: Ausstehend

Schwimmers: Ausstehend

Sluggard: Gavin Reeman

Distribution, Marketing: Julian Hölgert

The SummerEveningVR Team

Creative Direction: Carolin Wedler

Technical Direction: Michael Gödde

Generalist: Linus Steffens

Environment Art: Selina Hotz

Character Art: Alicia Elejalde Gläser

Audio Concept und Realization: Andreas Hammann

Distribution, Marketing: Julian Hölgert