Have you always wanted to stroll around Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights, patrol the streets with Rembrandt’s Night Watch or look into the distance over the sea of fog together with Friedrich’s Wanderer?

TimeLeapVR recreates classical works of art in Virtual Reality for museums, art galleries and private collectors by making them accessible as well as perceptible.

How this works?

Visit a museum

Admire an original artwork

Experience original in VR

As soon as the visitors of a museum or art gallery put on a VR headset at the VR station, they are no longer in front, but right inside the painting. With TimeLeapVR, they can literally step through the canvas into the work of art. All contents of the original are reconstructed in 3D and brought to life, so that the headset users are surrounded by the world of the artwork and can experience it anew.

What this means for the visitors?

TimeLeapVR affords visitors and art enthusiasts

immersive access into the world behind the canvas

interactive involvement in what happens inside

informative insights into the history and background of the artwork

Having selected a suitable piece of art in cooperation with the museum or collector, we recreate it in Virtual Reality while staying as true to the original as possible. Therefore, we not only visually adopt the individual style of the artist, but also use the immediacy of the medium to convey the story of the artwork or its place in art history through storytelling and interactions. The user can relish the distinct atmosphere, explore the surroundings, be carried away by a gripping story or even interfere with the narrative. The encounter with the artwork becomes an intimate experience.

If TimeLeapVR can come to your museum?

Yes! TimeLeapVR creates memorable art worlds – not only because everyone’s experience in Virtual Reality is different and information delivered in this way is stored effortlessly, but also because VR gets under the skin. This modern, cutting-edge approach sparks or fuels interest in art, and its astounding popularity reaches far beyond the younger target group. TimeLeapVR turns any museum visitor from a passive viewer into the protagonist of artistic experience. Do get in touch – We welcome all queries, partners, and customers.

“Standing inside of the painting all of the sudden was an incredible experience. Everything feels so close and real. You should absolutely try this out!”

HanneVisitor Book Fair

“I wasn’t familiar with VR. It seems anything is possible nowadays. That’s a whole new kind of art experience!”


“Honestly, I don’t know too much about art. But to experience the painting in 3D and to perform tasks as I do in video games was a lot of fun!”